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Why Hire an Independent Consultant

Independent Consultants are a cheaper, better, choice.

Here's a dirty little secret... consulting firms hire programmers and technical support people who advertise themselves as Independent Consultants via Monster.com or Craigslist.org. That's right, I have taken jobs with consulting firms who pay me as an independent contractor while they have me work as a consultant for companies under their name. They simply charge you about $20 per hour more than I would charge you.

Again, those "highly trained" people working for that consulting firm are the same people that you can directly hire as an independent consultant at a dramatically lower hourly rate. These consulting firms employ highly skilled commission based sales people to convince you to use "their" people. They actually get you to sign a contract before they even have someone to fill the position!

I get multiple calls and emails EVERY DAY from consulting firms bragging about having a "great opportunity" for me.

Don't waste your money because a sales person scares you into it.